Campaign Work

Water Infrastructure

Since the start of the 2020 Minnesota Bonding Session, the Ecumenical Water Initiative has been mobilizing folks in support of Governor Walz’s $300 million budget proposal for water infrastructure upgrades and improvements across the state. The aging and failing water infrastructure (water pipes, storm drains, wastewater treatment plants, etc.) poses an imminent threat to the health and wellness of Minnesotans. Rural communities and communities of color are particularly impacted by aging infrastructure, because they typically cannot afford to make the upgrades.

This water infrastructure package intends to support these communities through city project plans and additional funding through the Clean Water and Drinking Water Revolving Funds. Click on the tab below to learn more about the proposal.

This proposal was not introduced in the June, 2020 special legislative session, so its prospects are unclear for the future at this time.


Meet the New Core Team

Cole Nelson “Hello, my name is Cole Nelson and I come from the United Methodist Church. My home church is Eden Prairie UMC, where I help with our community garden and our faith development team. My hometown was just over the border in the driftless region, where the Black and La Crosse Rivers join the mighty…

Faith and Water Justice

How Minnesota UMC organizer Isaiah Friesen integrated passions for faith and climate with the Ecumenical Water Initiative I am writing this reflection in the middle of a dark cloud of heartbreak and anguish in the wake of the Memorial Day murder of George Floyd. My heart breaks especially for my Black siblings, you who have…

Virtual Prayer Conference ft. Faith Leaders

Faith leaders from the Minnesota Council of Churches, AME, UMC, and ELCA gather together to pray for the health of our waters andthose on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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