Meet the New Core Team

Cole Nelson

“Hello, my name is Cole Nelson and I come from the United Methodist Church. My home church is Eden Prairie UMC, where I help with our community garden and our faith development team.
My hometown was just over the border in the driftless region, where the Black and La Crosse Rivers join the mighty Mississippi. I grew up exploring the many waterways surrounding my home, which meant I was keenly aware of the dangers pollutants posed to them. I remember warnings not to swim at certain beaches because the risk was too high, and we never drank the water. But the water felt like home, nonetheless.
Water is a deeply spiritual symbol. It is essential to all life, and how we treat water shows how we treat each other. I believe we cannot build a just society without caring for our watersheds.”

Madeline Troyer

“My name is Madeline Troyer. I come to the Ecumenical Water Initiative through the Lutheran congregations where I serve with the Minneapolis area synod as the associate environmental justice organizer. 

I grew up in the Kokosing River watershed and attended college in the Chesapeake Bay watershed before moving to the Bassett Creek watershed which I currently occupy. I grew up exploring a creek that flowed through our backyard and a lake where my extended family would gather. To me, water gathers us together and helps us to know the land and people that surround us more holistically.”

Destiny SaNaa’

“Greetings, I am Destiny Carter from St. James AME church in St. Paul MN. This year I joined EWI ( Ecumenical Water Initiative ) through the AME congregations, where I have learned about watersheds with the Ecumenical Water Initiative. 

Growing up around lakes my whole life, I grew to have an exceptional predilection of the Mississippi River. My mother worked along the river: Occasionally when we went, we congregated with new people and connected through the flow of the water. As I grew older I couldn’t help but observe the poison being put into the water (Trash) some days I’d go pick it up while other days there was just way too much. As a college student, I grew a closer connection with water especially as my relationship with God grew. I realized the importance of water and the purity of it. That’s what made me join EWI.”


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